one (self-care) size does not fit all

Over the past few years my sincere appreciation for the art of self-care has taken full bloom:  watering one’s own seeds ensures the flower (that’s you!) is able to continuously grow into its brightest form - in doing so, the entire field of petals becomes more beautiful.  When we engage in activities that uplift our souls, we ultimately allow ourselves to become our sparkliest self for others. Self-care is beautiful like that!

I like to think of self-care as that seasonless trend that transcends all time.  Like denim. Dark washes and sturdy fabrications in the arctic-tundra-like month’s turn into cut-off’s, as we let the dip-dyed frayed edges fly in the heat of July.  Denim is poppin’ all year long. Jeans almost seem more a necessity of a wardrobe than anything else. On a personal note, I used to straight up never wear jeans (as in, one pair in second grade with a stretch waistband).  Now? I gush all over a pair of bedazzled boyfriends. Self-care is kind of like denim: it ought to be tailored to your individual style and ultimately feel like a snug hug that makes you feel at ease and confident as hell.  Both jeans and self-care look a bit different on everyone: Vintage, tattered, wide-leg, embellished. Under eye cream, green juice, collecting shells in the sand.

Embracing your personal self-care style will allow you to feel as fabulous as slipping on your favorite Pilcro + The Letterpress flares.  Or vintage Levi’s. Those totally work, too.

I personally find PsychCentral’s definition of self-care to be the most straightforward for those still a bit unclear on what the phenomenon is in the first place:

“self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health” and goes on to add that it’s all about engaging in acts that refuel rather than take away from us.

If self-care were an equation, I think it might look something like this: self + care = self-love + self-worth.  Luckily for a math-averse individual like myself, things don’t need to be so linear in how you practice it.  Messy, fun, and ever-changing are self-care 101 (at least in my version of it!).

Self-care has aided me in stress-management, helped to reduce day-to-day anxieties and overall enhance the way I feel about and treat myself.  All beautiful things that I feel so grateful for! Is your self-care routine is in need of a refresh? Find a few fun ideas on how to refuel your mind, body & spirit below! Discover what activities/practices/moments uplift your soul & integrate them into each day - you deserve it, beautiful!

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november 30, 2018

@r29style “Why have one rainbow when you can have 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈?”

  1. Walk to the market or your nearest flower stand + pick up some fresh flowers.  This is literally my favorite Saturday mid-morning activity. Clear out a mason jar (or treat yourself to a cute new one or two) and fill with blooms for an instant pop of color in your pad.

  2. Curate a new playlist on Spotify. Check in with how you’re feeling today: Need a serious pick-me-up? looking to get in your feelings a bit?  Acknowledge your emotions and meet yourself right there. Pick songs that fit your current vibe - allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, but also allow yourself to find joy through music no matter what your emotions are telling you.

  3. Apply a facial serum.  This was an exciting first for me this past weekend.  Magnesium & Vitamin C had my face feeling some type of way (slightly dewy and revitalized after a night of two-too-many vodka soda’s, to be exact).

  4. Twist your hair up into a bunch of fun buns and add crazy clips to secure.

  5. Write a letter with your favorite fuzzy pen to your younger self. Tell her how much she’s grown.  Note all of the tough stuff you have gotten through. You are strong and capable and growing like that.

  6. treat your tresses to a masque! might i suggest the hair transformation masque?! leave me a comment or slide into my dm’s & i’ll hook your hair up with a magical masque tailored specifically to your mane & its needs.

  7. Manifest your dreams.  Then artfully plan out your days for the upcoming week in your boldly colored planner with actionable items to kick-start your journey towards achieving them.

  8. Cook a meal with almost all of the colors of the rainbow (at least the naturally edible ones).  Light a candle or two while you enjoy.

  9. Get outside and group exercise.  Go for a run downtown with your roommate or sign up for a spin class with the sweet new girl who just moved into the cube next to yours.  It just feels so much better when you sweat it out together!

  10. In the morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself three things you love about yourself that have absolutely nothing to do with your appearance.  At night, tell yourself three things about the day you are proud of. ***this is a personal goal of mine! let’s work on it together, shall we?

speak your style below in the comments! I would LOVE to hear your three! I’ll share mine soon :) Oh and just so you know - I love you and I am so proud of you today. xox