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Friday, January 12th

“Heading into the weekend like 👆🏻✨”

Not a dash of color, but the whole dang rainbow!  That’s what Rachel Burke is having, and the self-proclaimed “Tinsel Maven” is offering you a bite of the vibrant dish.  The Australian designer (and author!) serves up some of the most fun and fabulous fashion I have ever laid eyes on. Tinsel everything - trenches, daring dresses, and cropped coats - fill her page with unbelievable color and serious shine.  Her designs are courageous, crafty and almost audibly belting out Miley’s Can’t Be Tamed (just a little less wire cage grunge and a little more for pipe cleaner, pom pom-tastic).  Need an accessory to go with that Rachel Burke party-of-a-dress you’re rocking? Click on one of the creative’s rainbow colored squares to find a unique crown - fittingly comprised of every item you might find in a little girls craft drawer (or mine, if I had one).

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To get yourself a handheld version of her poetic genius, I suggest picking up a copy of  Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life . You can find it on Anthropologie’s shelves, at Barnes & Noble, or online at Amazon  here .

To get yourself a handheld version of her poetic genius, I suggest picking up a copy of Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life. You can find it on Anthropologie’s shelves, at Barnes & Noble, or online at Amazon here.

Living proof of the power of written word to touch the hearts of millions, and inspire positive societal change in doing so: meet poet, artist, and author, Cleo Wade.  Wade’s way of making you feel like her dearest friend will draw you in, and her words that will surely strike a cord in your heart will keep you around. Her discussion on the human experience seems to resonates with us all.  I can’t really explain it - but then again, that’s kind of how the heart works, isn’t it? Her account acts as a socio-political daily update, informing her followers of the current happenings in our country via stories, and, most importantly, actionable ways to get involved in the stirring up of serious change.   Her penned poem’s of hope in her posts will be a bright light in your day, as they have been for so many of mine. I think we all could take a note from Wade’s ability to make everyone feel important, validated, and most importantly never forget the “I love you” as she signs off many of her sweet passages.

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october 5th, 2017

“The people who in inspire me the most are not those who agree with me but those who disagree with me with kindness. It is the people who refuse to let me be their enemy just because we have a different perspective on something. It is the people who as my friend @iamderay says, "understand that our ideas can be in conflict without us being in conflict"
I love you all.”

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may 17, 2018

this kind of happiness doesn’t stem from hunger ❤️ sorry, Kim K #SatiateNotSuppress

Upon arriving at Kelly’s page, your first thought might be that she looks like the cutest girl next door. Think - the super sweet new girl who just joined your team at work. But wait, she has 150K followers… damn. A quick glimpse into some of her most stories, feel-good, so-not-forced captions, and personal responses to her followers comments will very quickly lead you to understand why: Kelly’s kindhearted, approachable nature and her overarching aim to help others feel bodily peace and love is clearly felt so genuinely by so many in a way that leaves a lasting impact. Her smaller stature says nothing of her undeniably grand strength in the face of eating disorder recovery and the reworking of her relationship with her body. Assumptions often suggest that individuals ought to look a particular way in order to experience bodily issues, but Kelly is a testament that the restrictive guidelines of bodily perfection and beauty in our society can affect anyone - and that everyone deserves to seek a self love that exists far beyond these harmful messages and norms and “goals” we are fed day in and day out. The university researcher opens up to followers in a way that feels honest, raw, and relatable, as she preaches her own kind of “goals” rooted in loving what you’ve got.  Her bio puts it simply: “i like to speak and spread self love”. What stands out to me in regard to Kelly’s account is two-fold: first, she feels like an authentic friend, making me want to genuinely believe and trust in her words of encouragement. Second is her written voice - it literally feels like draping yourself in a warm blanket. Her warm, soft spoken nature feels non-judgemental and all-comforting, just checking in on you every so-often to make sure that maybe you too are checking in on yourself.

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