#branded by jessica lee

#branded highlights brands with purpose & the visionaries behind them. These fashionable enterprises make a bold statement - be it for their eye-catching aesthetic, commitment to sustainability, social activism, and so much more.


My sister Jess is an expert on tackling trends and assembling effortless ensembles. if i had to put her style into two words? “everything inspo”. While we share a fierce fascination with fashion, we maintain our own unique ways of experimenting with it: my style has been likened to that of a six-year-old (not wrong!) while Jess’ exudes a chic sophistication, topped off with an element of feminine playfulness. but as much as everyone loves jess’ vibrant outfits, everyone loves the vibrant woman behind them even more. When she isn’t kicking around the Reebok office in a rad pair of Classics, giggling over a glass of sauvignon blanc, or breaking a sweat at Barry’s, you can find Jess exercising her creative thumb. In fact, there isn’t a week that goes by in which Jess isn’t making meaningful artwork. She naturally infuses her selfless (&stylish!) nature into her work as everything she creates is with the intent of bringing joy and color to the lives of others. Her latest venture weaves together her disposition towards a hip handbag and her precision with a paintbrush. meet “by jessica lee”.


personalized with your initials, jess’ bags are as unique & vibrant as you, stylish sister!

tote around one of jess’ creations for a brighter & bolder day in an instant! or, gift one to a fabulous friend to match their electric personality.


a tassel (in 1 of 8 cute coloring offerings!) acts as a vibrant finishing touch to each tote & round bag.


the workshop

Left: the artist at work! Jess will be creating an instagram account (& Etsy shop down the road!) for her creations! For now - DM her @mrs.instaturnz for any & all inquiries XO!


interested in a tote, circle beach bag or clutch?

dm @mrs.instaturnz

*tassels always included on totes + circle bags, pom poms upon request on clutches :)


byjessicalee offerings:

* Large Bag with handles - with initials + tassel (add stripes for additional cost)

* Large Circle Bag - with initials + tassel

* Clutch - with initials + tassel (add stripes or swap tassel for pom poms for additional cost)