love, leesh


Hello there, beautiful!  It is SO nice to meet you!  My name is Alicia Marie Perry, I am a 23-year-old leopard loving, faux-fur fanatic living in the beautiful city of Boston.  

Three words to describe myself? Sleeps with lipstick. Favorite food? Acaí bowl (it counts, right?!). Current nail color? Turqouise-y ocean blue on the first three fingers, jewel-tone violet on the ring and pinky. My Spotify consists of everything from Ty Dolla $ign to A R I Z O N A to Billy Joel to Kygo. I’ll take my Blonde Roast black, I somehow always manage to drive into curbs, and when I’m not doing something fashion-related, you can find me at either the barre or bar. I love to laugh and I love kindness. Oh, and I love you too, my sweet new friend!

Ever since I was a boa-wearing little babe, I have had a deep love for all things fashion: I am quite certain plastic pink heels were my shoe of choice at birth and glittery tiaras were a daily must-wear (photographic proof to the right). I guess you could say, not much has changed! I have always naturally gravitated towards clothing and accessories that mirror my mood and personality: bold, a bit over-the-top, sparkly, and cheerful.  Over the years, my outfit choices have become not only a colorful part of my morning routine, but somewhat of an extremity of myself - an active way of speaking to who I am without actually having to say a word (though, I can attest, that sort of silence rarely happens). If I am going to wear my heart on my sleeve, I might as well have a little fun with it and add some of my personality, too!

As I entered college and began a crazy wonderful journey of learning, about the world and myself, my personal style evolved into an even greater piece of who I was (and am) and how I began to view the world.  I developed a sincere desire to engage in women’s issues as I gained a deeper knowledge of our experiences and position in society, and found myself converging my hopes to advocate for women’s empowerment with my belief in the transformative power of fashion.

Frivolity and fashion seem to go hand in hand when one thinks of the industry - but there is so much more to it than sequins and shimmer.  I truly believe that fashion has the power to empower and build an inner confidence in all people, bridge gaps between communities, and ultimately play a significant role in the dismantling of problematic, systemic social codes of beauty and body for women (and all people!).  While the industry itself has mountains to move in terms of representation of differential bodies, accessibility to marginalized communities, its harmful impact on our environment, and so forth - there is great hope for its future as trailblazers continue to take huge steps in a new and beautiful direction.  Chromat and aerie’s refusal to engage in pervasive norms of beauty and bodily “perfection” and, instead, insistence on featuring women and people of all sizes, races, and identities comes to mind. Christian Siriano’s continued celebration of the plus-size community not only through design but physical representation within his shows also strikes rings very relevant here.  The positive change is now and I am here. for. it! In creating this stylish space, I seek to stand by the brands, designers, bloggers and all individuals promoting a new form of fashion - one in which everyone is included and diversity, of both the self and one’s style, are celebrated.


I believe that everyone has style and that style extends far beyond the clothing adorning one’s body - it lives and breathes in your soul.  Style lives in your signature giggle and style lives in your ability to bust a move on the dance floor. Style lives in how you beautifully interact with the people you love and style lives in your commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.  Style lives in how you walk, how you talk, and the way you make others feel heard and important and validated. I believe that harnessing one’s style starts with picking out a rainbow sequin top (or black, if that suits you!) that makes you feel like the best, most confident version of you, and continues as you engage in activities that make you and the world around you sparkle.  I see style as a way to instigate beautiful change the world and how we all feel about ourselves - one dress and one positive social action at a time. My hope in creating this digital, fashion-focused place is to create a space where everyone feels welcome and ultimately inspired to embrace their most authentic, empowered, confident version of themselves in order to make others feel the same.

I want to encourage all people to confidently *speak their style* and to speak it loudly, proudly, and forever vibrantly in all aspects of life - and to lovingly encourage all other’s to do the same.  Go forth and Speak Your Style, beautiful! I love your style and I love you! xo