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#branded highlights brands with purpose. These fashionable enterprises make a bold statement - be it for their social activism, eye-catching aesthetic, commitment to sustainability, and so much more.

Celebrating the girlfriend of any shape & all sizes & ethnicities & personalities who seeks to support companies with empowering ideals, ethical business practices and a focus on sustainability. Meet: Girlfriend Collective.

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When I am not wearing leopard, you can find me in athleisure at the barre or strutting to slurp down a smoothie post-class. (Unless, of course, I’m wearing my leopard legging & bra set. Forgive me!) Cute and comfortable leggings are a staple of my wardrobe, and I am always seeking out new brands to add to my collection. Next on my list of must-have’s? A pair from this challenger brand that is changing not only the way we create activewear, but the societal notions attached to industry assumptions as a whole. Their tagline is “Leggings for People Who Care” for a reason.

Reason’s to jump on board? You’re supporting a brand grounded in inclusivity, and a celebration of diversity, with a commitment to sustainability and ethics with regard to materiality and manufacturing. Bonus? All of the adorable goodies on their site are under $100! My favorite part? ABSOLUTELY NO RETOUCHING. Read on for a bit more detail into the legwork and love that go into this all-bodies-loving, environmentally-friendly workout brand’s leggings (and bodysuits and bra’s and too-cute two-piece sets):

  • Inclusivity

    • Plus-size women have traditionally been excluded from conversations of exercise and the activewear industry due to societal assumptions of their disinterest and overall inactivity - both of which are inherently false and detrimental to the lived experience of women above size 14 (which is - in fact - the average size of a US woman). This leads to a serious lack of accessibility to workout apparel and styles individuals above a certain size may very well want, and absolutely deserve, to purchase and rock.

    • Girlfriend Collective just launched their new size range five weeks ago, ranging from XXS-6XL in leggings and XS-3XL in bras, according to their Instagram Stories.

    • This company is committed to no-retouching or altering of their models’ bodies. Plain and simple our society needs more diverse imagery of women: the constant influx of imagery and messaging supporting a rigid image of body and racial beauty is extremely detrimental to the lives of those that do not fit within its teeny tiny boundaries, and who refuse to conform to its standards. In celebrating women of diverse ages, racial backgrounds, sizes, and interests - Girlfriend Collective sets a new standard not only for the activewear sector or the fashion industry, but society at large: we are all BEAUTIFUL and WORTHY unaltered, unapologetic, and just as we are!

  • Sustainability

    • Materials - all Girlfriend Collective product is made from recycled materials! According to the company, they have diverted over 8 million landfills in their utilization of over 1 million water bottles.

    • Manufacturing - It takes the care of 14 employees to create one pair of GC leggings. The company works with their factor to ensure a healthy & safe work environment for all employees.

  • Charitability

    • GC is committed to giving back. Pretty impressive considering this business is still in its early growth stages. Some of the causes they have touched thus far? the Rainforest Action Network and Rest Seattle, which provides care for those affected by the commercial sex trade.

Girlfriend Collective proves that you can make not only a stylish statement as you strut to the studio in your athleisure, but a socially impactful one, too.

To shop / learn more, visit Girlfriend Collective’s website or Instagram.

This is not a sponsored post. Just a show of support and love for the meaningful work of a bad ass brand!

What’s your favorite athletic/athleisure-wear brand? Or, maybe, one that is doing some super cool socially impactful work? I would LOVE to know… so feel free to share in the comments below! XO