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What is fashion? Is it different than style? Typically, I would say yes, that fashion relates more to the physicality of clothing and accessories, the restlessness of trends, an interest with labels, and “who wore it best” columns. (which, on a side note, wouldn’t it be lovely if we celebrated each individual wearing the garment rather than pitting them against one another?!) As I was saying, I tend to think of style, on the other hand, in reference to an attitude - a way of being in the world. But the more I think about it, maybe the two aren’t as distinct as I sometimes make them out to be.

** all photos by the beautiful  @behindtheclick  ** support your local girl gang && go follow her ! ! !  ** location:  @theverbhotel

** all photos by the beautiful @behindtheclick ** support your local girl gang && go follow her ! ! !

** location: @theverbhotel

Google the definition of fashion, and you’ll find this: a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior. But is all fashion really a reflection of a “popular trend”? I’m not totally convinced! I mean, is every pair of boots trudging through the depths of Jan an example of a bonifide trend of the moment? I can wholeheartedly say my looks tend to live on the outskirts of the confines of trendy. I mean, my hair is in pigtails right now!! But who is to say this hairstyle isn’t fashionable just because 1. it isn’t on trend and 2. other people might not fancy my ‘do?! And what really is the purpose of it all anyway?

I always preach that fashion carries power - power to transform the way we interact with and treat ourselves and the world around us, power to instill inner confidence and affirm one’s sense of self, power to inspire societal change, power to make the ordinary extraordinary. Maybe fashion isn’t merely a matter of popularity, but a powerful tool of fierce self-expression: one that can elicit an inner sense of joy and bliss and self-worth, and an outer vibrancy to the world.

As I continue scrolling my Google results, I am lured into a Man Repeller aticle by none other than the founder herself, Leadra Medine. The piece almost directly answers my original inquiry - namely, what is fashion all about and where does its meaning lie - as described by some of its well-known industry members in their own words. I selected a few excerpts that resonated with me the most, and shared them below, and I am super eager to hear if any of these speak to your own style, like they did mine:

Take it from Amy Smilovic, editor & founder of Tibi, who believes that

“changing [her] wardrobe is the quickest route to feeling like everything is new again, that anything is possible,” whereby “… the purpose of fashion is to make you feel alive and present,”.

Or, maybe fashion is to you what it is to account director Gabby Katz, who feels fashion in and of itself is a celebration of women who drive the business from all areas:

“at the heart, I think that’s what fashion should always be about: the celebration of a person’s beauty and strength, on and off the runway,”.

Or, perhaps fashion feels something seriously similar to InStyle editor-in-chief Laura' Brown’s take on it all:

Joy. That is the purpose of fashion for me. The joy of wearing something that makes you feel powerful or beautiful or in control. The joy of seeing a fashion show so beautiful that it turns you into a wide-eyed eight-year-old. The joy of buying something you dream about, or giving that to someone else. The joy of the new. It’s not about feeling less than — less cool, less rich, less skinny (as I know fashion can so often do). It’s about what makes you feel better,”.

- (man repeller. medine, feb 2018)


outfit deets

* ASOS DESIGN Festival Sequin Kimono Jacket (sold out, similar style here)

* Adolescent Clothing t-shirt with fashun slogan (similar style here here, here, & here)

* staggered hem denim: wild fable for Target (similar style here, here, here)

* hot pink bootays (similar style from ASOS, by Sam Edelman, & an Alice & Olivia splurge)

* urban outfitters fuschia purse

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earlier i mentioned that man repeller piece “almost” answered my curiosity in the whole “point” of fashion because, ultimately, fashion means something entirely unique to every one of us. Fashion is extreme and bold, it is practical and minimalistic. Fashion is a form of social protest and fashion is a conduit to internal joy. Fashion is a means of self-acceptance and a route towards a new conversation about bodily acceptance. fashion is individualistic and a means of community organization. fashion is a noun, a verb, an adjective. here’s to harnessing the empowering facets of fashion & engaging with them for all things good. who is with me!

What does fashion mean to you? Is it more a matter of daily routine - tosses on coziest sweater at the top of the pile, shimmies up a semi-clean pair of jeans, toasts a piece of whole-weat, lathers on some PB and dashes out the door - or is it a significant part of who you are and how you reflect that self to the world - feeling luxe and cozy, definitely in the mood for some velvet jumpsuit action with that seriously soft, ruffle- collar long-sleeve turtleneck underneath. Pretty fashion please share in the comments below - I would LOVE to your thoughts, FASHiONiSTA! <3 xo <3


stylish screen time


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