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Billy Porter

Haarper’s Bazaar’s says it best:  “Billy Porter’s Golden Globes Look Just Changed My Life” . Same.

Haarper’s Bazaar’s says it best: “Billy Porter’s Golden Globes Look Just Changed My Life”. Same.

The hot-pink-lined pearl cape.  The rainbow of delicate embroidery.  The peek of a sheer beaded top. Designer Randi Rham speaks to the meaning behind the jaw-dropping statement suit: “It needed to speak to his amazing personality, the importance of his role on the groundbreaking show Pose, as well as the message we collectively want to send to the world regarding the fluidity of fashion, tolerance and acceptance,” (Gonzales, 2019).  Fashion choices with intent, garments that carry a deeper motive and meaning? I say - SO beautiful! Not to mention, the duo has absolutely succeeded in persuading myself and my closet of acquiring a pantsuit, which is no easy feat.

Timothee Chalamet


*adds sparkle encrusted harness to list of wardrobe necessities*

Absolute chic-ness.  Head-to-toe. Thank you for blessing us with this Louis Vuitton exquisite-ness, Virgil Abloh.  Chalamet is seriously showing up as a fashion force to be reckoned with. But we already knew that, didn’t we?  The quirky, retro street style. That pink satin coat. GROUNDBREAKING FLORAL.



Janelle Monae

#janelleinchanel trending forever would be a non-issue.  This activist and her stylist (@mandelkorn) always serve us boundary breaking, bold looks that speak volumes not only about Monae’s fashion sense but her political/social activism and style.  Mandelkorn dubs this Chanel perfection “afrofuturistic loyalty” and informs followers that the singer fell in love with the pre-fall show from the moment she laid eyes on its egyptian notes and futuristic vibe. Such an instant, personal connection with the collection seems fitting as Monae looks so herself in the garb.

Idris Elba

It likely comes as little surprise that colorful, vibrant menswear is a fancy tickler of mine, and Elba delivered just that in Ozwald Boateng emerald magic. The actor interestingly opted to go tieless on the red carpet (as pictured with fiancé Sabrina Dowhre), whilst buttoning things up a bit for his on-stage presentation (seen presenting with Swift).  While I agree with online publication Esquire that the tie proved helpful in creating a more polished look overall, Elba looks totally content at the pre-show without it. The outfit doesn’t make the individual or the night, its the other way around; and, if sans tie means comfort and bliss for Elba, I’m all for it.



Valentino Haute Couture + a matching sleek up-do = pastel perfection. Many believe Gaga’s billowing ballgown paid homage to a similar look worn in the original A Star is Born by star Judy Garland. What feels even more special about this look? The radiance exuded from the Stephanie Germanotta herself.

Sandra Oh

The first person of Asian descent to host the Golden Globes as well as recipient of the Best Actress in a Television Series, Drama, in 39 years.  Her two beautiful parents cheering her on in sea of celebrities. Three gorgeous gowns by strong women designers - two Versace and one Stella McCartney. Stylist Elizabeth Saltzman sought pieces “...that would make her feel confident and empowered and beautiful” and I believe the duo accomplished just that (The Hollywood Reporter).  Strong women supporting strong women? Check! Outfit choices that instill confidence and allow for the woman herself to make groundbreaking change? Beautifully done.


Lucy Liu

My personal favorite of the eve which I actually saw on on multiple worst dressed lists. SERIOUSLY?! I could not disagree more! Liu is ravishing and jubilant in Galia Lahav couture. An astonishing piece of art. The mixing of a sheer - bordering on translucent - nude with vibrant splatter paint embellishment is both unexpected and bordering on contradictory; I love the playfulness of a raw, barely there nude in a supple silk in contrast to yet coupled with rainbow textural beading. USA Today had the audacity to remark that the dress had an “unintended effect of vaguely resembling a skin disease" to which I argue they are merely proving the point that what makes us different - be it the shades of our skin or the garments with which we clothe ourselves - are where are the true beauty lies.


Lupita Nyong’o

gives us updated Gatsby vibes on the red carpet in electric Calvin Klein, chandelier earrings and a matching cuff, all while proving the higher the heel doesn’t have to equal higher the price…

Tear drop sparkles cascade down a sea of bold cobalt blue. This Calvin Klein gown, complete with an edgy reverse scoop neck, fits Nyong’o like a glass slipper. Electric blue matching lashes are the perfect powerful, vibrant finishing touch for this powerful, vibrant woman. Oh, and the silver stiletto’s? Take style notes from the star herself (for less than $50!) and grab your own pair from Aldo here (The Root).


darren chris

Daring & dashing in Dior. And scene.

Lucy Boynton

The winner of the “Breakout Bob” (according to Vogue, supported by myself), in a striking white with strong center part, ensures attention is kept first-and-foremost where it matters most - with the woman herself. Golden billowy sleeves, and a lusciously draped skirt proves her Celine number is a seriously captivating, and close, second. One word. Okay, maybe two.  Golden Glamour.