R O Y G B I V *S

if you know me, you probably already know this. but if you don’t, i’m happy to let you in on the secret: i have not one, but two favorite colors. the catch? neither are technically really a color, at all.

* ROCKSTARS ONLY  * (Which means everyone is invited… OBVi!)

* ROCKSTARS ONLY * (Which means everyone is invited… OBVi!)

cue “YOU ALREADY KNOW WHATT IT IS: rainbow + sparkles. and even leopard if i am going to get really WILD here (see : BDG cropped denim).

In other words, RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE INDIGO VIOLENT *SPARKLES (oh and every other color not mentioned).

The idea of choosing one specific color is simply too difficult a decision to make! When I was younger, I was a full-fledged pink princess. Years later I transitioned to two and added yellow into the mix. I mean, I love sunshine! Sunflowers are so sweet! It just makes sense. But now? I cannot choose. Every color is unique and beautiful and adds something to the mix. Rainbows are bright and exciting and want everyone to share in their vibrancy. Oh, and sparkles? Don’t even get me started!


style rule #1:

there are no rules.

but if there were - the one & only rule would be: wear what makes you feel fabulous.


mismatched maker

* Striped Faux Fur Jacket - Forever 21

* BDG Kick Flare High Rise Jeans - Urban Outfitters (similar option here, here & here & here)

* Silent D Careful Stretch Boots - Anthropologie

* Faux Fur Ring Purse - Forever 21 (adorable option on sale at Bloomingdales here or a few faux fur one’s here & here)

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