Are you a natural blonde?

LOL. Nope! I was a blonde baby girl. Then as I grew older my hair went darkened and in high school it almost appeared reddish! I am blonde forever and ever now. But also probably pink here and there, too.

Did you study fashion in school?

Not formally! I received my bachelors degree in Sociology with a concentration in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity through my concentration to engage in a culminating project on a topic of my choice, whereby I looked at the impact of fashion-focused plus-size bloggers involvement within the body positive movement and their impact on the thin-ideal and societal norms of body and beauty. I titled it “Fashion & Body Positivity”. I also took an anthropology course on Fashion & Consumption.


do you have any siblings?

Yes, three! They are my bestest friends and fiercest supporters. Two of them even gave me equally as fabulous in-laws! I am beyond grateful for them all!

how would you describe your style in one sentence?

My style is ever-changing, but always bright, colorful, often-mismatched, playful & inviting.