are you a natural blonde?

LOL. Nope! I was a blonde babe when I was very little and then my locks darkened as I got older, at one point my hair was reddish! But I’ll be sticking with blonde forever and ever now because, I mean, bLoNdeS hAve MoRe FuN! (and so do pink’s, obviously)

What inspired you to create this website / blog?

My passion for encouraging others to embrace and exercise love towards their most authentic self - in a world that so often profits from making individuals feel unworthy and in need of alteration. My fierce love for fashion and belief that the artistic medium can act as a conduit through which one can gain great confidence. A desire to create and connect with others through meaningful conversation. A sincere hope that I might encourage someone to make even just one positive change in how they view and treat their self, body, and the world around them.


did you study fashion in school?

Not technically, no! I went to a liberal arts college, where I received my degree in Sociology with a concentration in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. I was privileged to be able to incorporate my passion for fashion within my studies; I enrolled in an anthropology course on Fashion & Consumption and engaged in a capstone project on a topic of my choosing, whereby I researched body positive plus size fashion bloggers and the effect of their existence and resistance to societal codes of body and beauty.

Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I have three beautiful siblings who also act as my best friends! I also was granted the blessing of two incredible in-law’s! Their support and encouragement means the world to me and I love them all so very much.